Flyff Quests for Beginners: Where to Start
Flyff Quests for Beginners: Where to Start
Flyff, short for "Fly for Fun," is a popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that has been entertaining people for many years now. With its attractive cartoon-like graphics, colorful characters, and engaging gameplay, Flyff has captured the hearts of many players worldwide. One of its main features is the quests, which players can complete to earn experience points, gold, items, and other rewards. But for beginners, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this article, we will guide you through some of the must-do Flyff quests for beginners.

1. New King's Quest

As the name suggests, the New King's Quest is a quest that involves meeting the new king of Flarine, the central town in Flyff. To start the quest, go to Flarine and talk to the NPC (non-player character) Guard Arnold, who will give you some instructions. The quest requires you to collect six different items scattered throughout the city, including a Pink Tulip, a Fluff, and a Small Pixie Wing, among others. Once you have all the items, return them to Guard Arnold, and he will reward you with a decent amount of EXP (experience points), gold, and a useful item.

2. Ivillis Dungeon

The Ivillis Dungeon is one of the first dungeons you can access in Flyff, and it has three floors filled with monsters and other challenges. To enter the dungeon, you first need to talk to NPC Lui in Flarine. He will give you the Ivillis Dungeon ticket that you can use to access the entrance portal. Once inside, you can complete various quests, defeat bosses, and collect loot. The dungeon is an excellent place to level up, earn Penya (Flyff's currency), and acquire valuable items such as the Ivillis Red Armor Set.

3. Mars Mine

The Mars Mine is another dungeon that is available for flyff Quests beginners. You can find the entrance in the Northern part of Flarine. This dungeon is unique because it has a day and night cycle, and the monsters change depending on the time of day. Moreover, the Mars Mine is an excellent source of stones, which are used to upgrade weapons and armor. To access the Mars Mine, you need to talk to NPC Takoyan in Flarine, who will give you the Mars Mine ticket.

4. Tomb of the Ankou

The Tomb of the Ankou is a dungeon that is suitable for intermediate players but can also be attempted by beginners. This dungeon has four floors and requires a party to complete. The dungeon is filled with tough monsters, challenging traps, and powerful bosses, making it a test of skill and teamwork. The Tomb of the Ankou also has some of the most valuable loot in Flyff, including the Ankou Suit Set and the Ankou Slayer weapon.

5. Job Change Quest

Once you have reached level 15, you can choose to change your job from the starting class to a more advanced one. To do this, you need to complete a Job Change Quest, which is different for each class. For example, if you started as an Acrobat, you can choose to become a Jester or a Ranger. To start the Job Change Quest, talk to the corresponding NPC in Flarine, who will give you some tasks to complete. Once you finish the tasks, you need to collect some items and return them to NPC to change your job. Changing jobs increases your stats and skills, making you more powerful in combat.


In conclusion, Flyff has many quests that cater to players of different levels and skills. These quests provide a fun and rewarding way to progress in the game, acquire new gear, and meet other players. As a beginner, it is advisable to start with the New King's Quest and then proceed to the Ivillis Dungeon, Mars Mine, and eventually the Tomb of the Ankou. Completing the Job Change Quest is also an essential milestone that unlocks new possibilities for your character. With this guide, you should have a good idea of where to start and what to expect in Flyff quests. So, go ahead and embark on your adventure. Good luck, and have fun!