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If there is anything that can be discomforting and disrupting, it’s the knowledge that your credit score status is the bane of all your problems when it comes to availing a simple loan or a mobile phone contract. Unless you just dropped on earth from Mars, you definitely know that mobile phones are an essential part of our lives. Availing a mobile phone contract when you have bad credit in the UK used to be a daunting task. Mobile phone providers wouldn’t even consider glancing at your application and would more often than not decline your application. However, you need worry not as Women Phones has over the years curved a reputation for offering bad credit mobile phonesbad credit mobile phones to UK citizens with a poor credit rating.

We are a top tier and respected bad credit mobile phones provider all over the UK and continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers whose credit score status is in doldrums. We believe that no one should be victimized or denied a phone contract simply because they have bad credit. In the years that we have been in operation, we have been able to assist thousands of UK individuals with a poor credit rating avail a mobile phone contract with success.


What we do

At Women Phones, we believe that professionalism and excellent service delivery is at the heart of our success and continued popularity as a top tier mobile phone provider in the UK. We believe that our customers deserve to be treated on an equal footing irrespective of their credit rating status and that is why we have over the years strived to help as many UK citizens as possible avail a mobile phone contract. Our customer representatives have undergone top of the cream training in customer relations and offer professional advice as regards application and subsequent approval of mobile phone contracts. They give you proper and sound advice on how to go about applying for bad credit mobile phones, factors to consider when applying for bad credit mobile contracts and what to do to increase your chances of being approved.


Why you should choose us

With so many bad credit mobile phones providers in the UK, it can be a daunting task trying to find the right provider to do business with. Most people out of sheer ignorance simply settle on the first provider they stumble on. Well, here are a few reasons as why you should choose us as your partner when applying for bad credit mobile phones



At Women Phones, we believe that our customers who apply for bad credit mobile phones require faster approval of their applications so that they can start using their phones. In this regard, we always strive to approve mobile phone contracts applications within the shortest time possible and deliver handsets to our customers within 24 hours.